Privacy Policy

Protection of your trust and confidence is our primary aim. For that, we at Small Loans For Bankrupts give you all the rights to make choices about what personal or financial information would be shared. We even a separate staff that looks after your information day and night without any failure. What more, they even take several safety measures and update them time and again to keep your details safe and sound all the way through.

Personal information about you is something very critical and we try hard to maintain its security. We at Small Loans For Bankrupts have trained our employees in handling your personal and financial information properly. For the matter of fact, we have introduced a special feature of separate logging ID and confidential password wherein every customer will be allotted with a separate logging account which can be accessed only through a confidential password set by you. We suggest you not to discuss any of our account details with anybody to keep your sensitive details intact.

We would like to let you know that our privacy policies are quite stringent. You can visit our website and browse through our services without giving us any Information about you. However, to apply with us at Small Loans For Bankrupts, you need to fill our up our short application form available on our official site at no cost with your basic details, so that we can find you a loan deal that fits your requirements and budget perfectly.

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